Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Victorian/Edwardian pin curls/flipped cinnabun

Hey all!

Yesterday I re-hennaed my hair, so didn't really have it in any particular style (unless you count gladwrap as a style).
But today I was feeling creative. Last night I put my hair up in high pigtails and made pin curls all across the top of my head. I decided that I wanted to do something that felt Victorian, or Edwardian (because I'm a history geek, and am a little obsessed with incorporating elements of dress up into my everyday).
So, I grabbed two sections at the front of my face, as always, and pinned them back. Then I sectioned the middle/back of my hair and created a messy, flipped cinnabun - making sure to leave one curl out. The two side sections I then individually sectioned, pin curled and pinned them at the back above the flipped cinnabun. Finally, I took the curl that I left out of the middle section, lifted it and half pinned it to the cinnabun, leaving the end to fall over my shoulder.
Not entirely sure if those instructions make any sense.. but never mind.

And now.. the pictures!

I'm ridiculously pleased with the results!
Anywho, time for me to go.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with another style!
See ya x

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