Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Took some outfit pictures for a thread on LHC, so thought I might as well post them here too!
I like wearing long skirts a lot, and it's not quite cold enough for jeans yet, so I've been wearing them to uni pretty much everyday.
These are from yesterday and today:

Top is actually pink, not orange! Damn you nighttime photos!

Rocking the homemade skirt, like a boss.

The second skirt I'm pretty proud of - I got the material from a second hand shop for $6. It's a half circle skirt. The red waistband ties into a pretty bow at the back, and I added buttons so that I can either wear it as a wrap skirt or button it back and wear a black skirt underneath, giving it a bustle-y kind of look. (As I said earlier, I'm a history nerd.)

Until next time!

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