Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

It's Easter time - hooray!
That means a long weekend, which is my favourite kind of weekend.

Today I want to share with you an outfit, a hairstyle (kind of?) and an outfit in the making.
I've been feeling creative this weekend.. Or rather, I have an assignment due and therefore my procrastinator's brain thinks that this is the best possible time to give me ideas that MUST BE DONE NOW!
I am, after all, the queen of procrastination. I did however manage to trick myself into a bit of study today, thankfully.

Anyway! Enough with the blabbering and on with the pictures.

This was my outfit for today (Sunday). We went out to lunch with my family because it was my lovely mum's birthday (and, ya know, Easter).

Hair for today. I curled my hair with cloths (the cleaning kind) that I bought specifically for curling.
And here's the procrastination project! I cut out a half circle skirt and screen printed Tardis' all over it. So excited about it! Just waiting for the paint to dry and then I'll seal it with an iron, before sewing the skirt together.
There will be pics when it's finished!

better get onto my essay. Maybe.

Ka kite ano!

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