Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lazy hairstyles

I have been so busy lately - my son started school last week and ever since then it's been go, go, go!
Here are some of the styles I've been wearing:

Snooding it!
We had two cold days here, and I wanted a style that would keep me cozy. Also great for bad hair days! All I did was twist and pin the front, left and right, before chucking the whole thing up in a cinnabun. Then I placed my snood over and pinned it in place. So easy and comfy!

Another lazy day style I unfortunately didn't get a picture of, but wanted to share the tutorial for it anyway from Rapunzel's Resource - it's a French braid with a parting! Really good for those who don't like having their hair all pulled back. There are tonnes of other fantastic tutorials on the site too. Here it is!

Today I decided to do something a little more special. Basically the same style as my looped and pinned double dutch braid style, only done with lace rope braids instead. I shoved a flower in it for good measure. I made the flower according to LaDollyVita33's tutorial - they are so pretty and easy!

Until next time!

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