Thursday, 24 January 2013

Regency Rose Bun

I love this hairstyle. In a fit of self-indulgence last night I decided to curl my hair overnight. The plan was to put it up in a Regency inspired hairstyle, with curls hanging down the back.
This is what resulted (after a whole day of wearing the style, hence the fly-aways):

Very pleased with the style.
For the sake of remembering how I created it: the style consisted of one main rope braid at the back/crown of the head (ponytailed) which was then pinned into a rose bun, with two accent rope braids coming from the front pinned around the bun. Finally, I chose the most intact curl, rope braided it (leaving a long tail), wrapped it around the bun and pinned it at the bottom so that the curl hung down.

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